Rightside up? Yes! Upside down? Also yes!!
Fill either side with whatever tickles your fancy—a sparkling sake, a steaming cappuccino, or a mezcal negroni. (Oh, also shots). Make every drink into a special occasion with the Mamo glass that started it all. That’s why we call it the classic.
Comes in enough colors to match any palette—your dinner table, your bar, and your picnic basket.
Top volume: 7 oz (20.7 cl)
Bottom volume: 2 oz (5 cl)
Height: 4.75” (122 mm)
Diameter: 2.875” (73 mm)
Material: Borosilicate glass.
All Mamo glassware is safe for hot or cold liquids and suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher. 
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